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Target: 7+ Years

Format: 13 X 22 minutes

Genre: Surreal Comedy 

The Architects of Nethermore

Meet the architects of Ashen Pastures. They dream of building a better Nethermore – one that’s fueled mainly by compost and ash. Their designs have no cemetery. They work nonstop, all thanks to the copious coffin brews that flow at their break room.

Here  goes the design commandments:

  • Ash is good, and so is mold.

  • All other sources have to be as clean as compost.

  • Keep grave finds to the barest minimum.

  • No design is made in vain.

  • Honor the code of self-sustenance.

  • Ensure a peaceful process and all spirits are honored.

Contact to get the complete bible and a full treatment of the pilot. 

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